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UAV systems
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems

Innovating Professional Aerospace Robotics

NIMBUS is at the forefront of the aerospace industry, specializing in the design and manufacture of fully customized unmanned aerial systems for professional applications within critical industries and services.

Our commitment to in-house design of hardware and software systems enables us to continuously improve the productivity and efficiency of our solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Tailored for Critical Sectors & Services

With our proprietary avionics and command and control software, our customers have complete ownership and control of all flight data and payload for unmanned aerial missions.

This unwavering commitment to data integrity and control distinguishes NIMBUS unmanned aerial systems as the preferred choice for missions involving critical infrastructure and the delivery of essential public services.

Engineered for Extremes

The performance of our unmanned aerial systems is evident in their ability to operate smoothly in the most challenging climatic and topographical environments.
At NIMBUS, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of professional aerospace robotics, setting new standards for precision, adaptability and reliability in unmanned aerial systems.



Light quadcopter with multiple specialized payload options for critical infrastructure inspections, geo-surveys, and easy deployment in short-range surveillance and reconnaissance missions.


Hexacopter with multiple specialized payload for long-distance missions, non-critical infrastructure inspections, and for transporting bulky payloads, such as Complex Delivery.


E-VTOL for Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions. Optional hybrid propulsion for medium range mission.


The ground control station handles pre-flight inspection, monitoring and flight control of UAVs. It also extends to data recording and reproduction of crucial information, as well as the ability to support UAV pilots' flight procedures.


User friendly desktop server SW for pre-flight setup, flight mission control and monitoring, UAV and battery status, track location, datalink channel status...

Failsafe operation: Return to Land, Emergency Landing and Flight Termination System (FTS).


The Nimbus UAV-Box is a solution that offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to optimize and streamline drone operations in various scenarios. This technology is engineered to provide a fully automated storage, charging, launch, and landing platform, all while ensuring resilience in the face of adverse environmental conditions.

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