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First instrumented ILS certified airport drone  in service in Italian airports (ENAV)

NIMBUS is proud to offer the all-in-one UAV solution for navaids, systems, and infrastructures ground-check.. As specialists in UAV operations in the airport environment, we are committed to providing UAVs meticulously designed to operate without interfering with air traffic management systems and respectfull of specific requirements (e.g.: ADS-B feature).

NIMBUS systems give rise to unprecedented possibilities for conducting aerial inspections of radar, radio communications and signaling systems using advanced drone technology.

By leveraging our state-of-the-art UAV solutions, airport authorities and infrastructure managers can now elevate their inspection capabilities, unlocking new levels of efficiency, accuracy and safety in the maintenance of critical airport infrastructure. 


The system may include the UAV-box to enable remote mission control, given the high repeatability of operations.

ILS/VOR Calibration

NIMBUS is proud to partner with national ATC/ATM operations and maintenance companies and specialized payload developers to introduce an innovative approach to verify the operational status of airport ILS/VOR navigation systems.
Our state-of-the-art UAV inspection systems for ILS/VOR are meticulously designed to increase the accuracy of readings, reduce runway downtime to minutes, and ultimately minimize the economic implications of regulatory compliance.


NIMBUS UAS are as well suitable for:

- Perimeter surveillance

- Checking the status of the runway side lights

Next to come:

- F.O.D. (Foreign Object Debris) identification

- Mapping the status of the Tarmak airstrip



Screenshot 2024-02-08 alle 19.37.43.png

Patented solution with AI for NDT on power lines (TERNA)

Power Grid Inspections

Our commitment to excellence in power grid inspections is supported by the integration of advanced thermal and video cameras into our UAVs.

These capabilities enable us to identify potential situations with unprecedented accuracy, ensuring the continued reliability and safety of critical infrastructure such as power lines and photovoltaic plant thanks to semi-automatic inspection and failure detection SW application.

By harnessing the power of UAV technology, NIMBUS is dedicated to the efficiency, accuracy and convenience of power grid inspections, ultimately contributing to the smooth operation of the power sector.

One of our main strengths is our numerous operational references, which include such reputable organizations as ENEL and TERNA.

Our collaboration with these industry leaders extends to conduct precise inspections of the entire ultra-high-voltage transmission and high-voltage distribution network throughout Italy.

Introducing Artificial Intelligence to ultra high voltage livewire resistance testing

Here at NIMBUS, we have developed our latest breakthrough in the field of high voltage power line safety – the AI-controlled, fully automated UAS for livewire testing.

This cutting-edge system has undergone rigorous testing and has demonstrated its capacity to significantly reduce human exposure to potentially lethal work hazards.

Our Livewire Voltage Testing system is built upon the foundation of our state-of-the-art hexacopter UAV and is set to meet industry expectations with its safety and efficiency. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and automation, our system offers a groundbreaking solution for conducting high voltage power line inspections with enhanced precision and reduced risk.

We are proud to declare that this groundbreaking technology will be commercially available in 2024, marking a new era in high voltage power line maintenance and safety standards.




Cutting-Edge Command and Control Systems

At NIMBUS we priovide to our costumer state-of-the-art proprietary command and control systems that prioritize the ownership and security of operational data. 
Our advanced technology ensures that our customers maintain complete control over the data of their drones and payloads, without the need for any involvement of third-party systems.

Secure Data Transmission

Our encrypted data links guarantee levels of data transmission security, offering peace of mind to our clients as they manage critical operations.

ISR solutions for security (State Police)

Unparalleled Data Ownership and Control

One of the core principles at NIMBUS is to empower our clients with full ownership and control over their operative and payload data.

We achieve this through our proprietary data acquisition, processing, and storage solutions, ensuring that the data remains with its rightful owner.

Streamlined Workflow and Data Management

In addition to our state-of-the-art UAV solutions, we offer a designated workflow and data management system specifically designed for infrastructure inspections.

This comprehensive platform enables our clients to efficiently handle large volumes of data, extract actionable insights, and make informed decisions to maintain the integrity and safety of their critical infrastructure.


Complex delivery


UAV transport of dangerous goods (blood) approved by ENAC/EASA (LIFE BRAIN)

Good Delivery

Delivery of goods with UAS is a growing demand from logistics service providers. After several years of design and testing efforts, NIMBUS has been awarded for dangerous goods transportation due to the CRASH-resistant box's compliance with aviation regulations..
Despite limitations due to airworthiness compliances, the technology developed by NIMBUS is ready to fly.




Monitoring the status of wind turbine blades

Elevated and Underground Infrastructure Testing

At NIMBUS, we are proud to offer drone solutions designed for the precise inspection of elevated infrastructures. Our 4 rotor and 6 rotor drones feature unique up- and downside payload mounts, enabling top-down and bottom-up imaging capabilities.


These drones are specifically tailored to address the complex needs of inspecting structures such as bridges, elevated roads and railroads, tunnels, and overhead installations.

Dual Imaging Capabilities

Our drones empower inspectors to capture comprehensive visual data from multiple angles. By facilitating top-down and bottom-up imaging. Whether it's a thorough examination of the underside of a bridge or a comprehensive view of a critical infrastructure, our drones deliver exceptional imaging versatility.

Experience the Future of Infrastructure Inspection

With our state-of-the-art drones, NIMBUS is reshaping the landscape of infrastructure inspection. We invite you to experience the future of elevated infrastructure inspection with our advanced 4 rotor and 6 rotor drones. Join us in embracing a new era of precision and capability in infrastructure inspection.

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